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Re: [cdt-dev] Feature Change Proposal

> I would like to propose a change to the cdt features and platform 
> plugins, that is, remove the Windowing system
> name and attribute from each.  This would remove 2 plugins and reduce 
> the number of builds by 1. So essentially
> thing would look like the following.
> org.eclipse.cdt-feature           (no change)
> org.eclipse.cdt                       (no change)
> org.eclipse.cdt.win32-feature (no change)
> org.eclipse.cdt.win32             (no change)
> org.eclipse.cdt.linux-feature         (was 2 features, 
> org.eclipse.cdt.linux.gtk-feature and org.eclipse.cdt.linux.motif-feature)
> org.eclipse.cdt.linux                     (was 2 plugins, 
> org.eclipse.cdt.linux.gtk and org.eclipse.cdt.linux.motif)
> org.eclipse.cdt.solaris-feature      (was 
> org.eclipse.cdt.solaris.motif-feature)
> org.eclipse.cdt.solaris                  (was org.eclipse.cdt.solaris.motif)
> org.eclipse.cdt.qnx-feature          (was 
> org.eclipse.cdt.qnx.photon-feature)
> org.eclipse.cdt.qnx-feature          (was org.eclipse.cdt.qnx-photon)
> Comments?


There is nothing windowing dependent about the CDT and if we 
go that path(Window dependent) take a hard long look why and still not do it.

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