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Re: [cdt-dev] is Win98 a supported platform ?

Sorry, I haven't been following this thread very closely.  I just want to raise a warning flag about cygwin.  My understanding from what I've heard is that the GPL license on cygwin prevents the use of the cygwin DLL in commercial product (at least without buying a license from RedHat).  This would violate the CPL.

That also brings up another point.  It might be nice to set up the win32 exe and dll so that we could compile it with MinGW (which apparently does not have such restrictions) as opposed to VisualStudio, just to keep to the open source spirit of things.

Doug Schaefer
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Chris Songer <songer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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04/22/2003 03:33 PM
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>So we are looking at the solution to enhance Spawner
>public native static raise(int pid, int sig);
>public native static raise(Object pid, int sig);
>To interrupt the program, will that be harmfull in your enviroment?
>instead of the dropping the SIGINT to gdb?

The difference here is the change in visbility to raise? That fine, details

Before people nod off in the details, let me suggest that anything having
to do with signals is going to still be a nightmare on NT/cygwin solutions.
What would be more OS neutral is if GDB could keep polling the mi input
stream while the target is running so we could send a request to ask for a
stop through the normal channel without having to do all this
signal/interrupt stuff.

I've essentially made three changes to spawner and the related classes: (I
get stuck with this since no one likes to mess with it -- woe is me.)

1) Added some new methods and changed interfaces in ProcessFactory, Spawner
and the spawner native methods to support a new priority parameter in
create and a new setPriority method in Spawner.

2) Added some new methods and changed interfaces in ProcessFactory, Spawner
and the spawner native methods to support a new cygwin parameter for
process creation causing spawner.dll to use a different starter.

3) Added a new cygwin-linked starter (called cygstarter) that translates
requests on event WAIT_OBJECT_0 + 2 (sent from spawner.dll) into cygwin
raise calls rather than NT GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent calls. I do this
because the CtrlEvents are caught by our cygwin version and ignored unless
the receiving process is the head of the NT process group and, of course,
the starter is the head of the process group rather than the child that the
starter started.


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