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RE: [cdt-dev] cdt.ui.tests

Actually, looking again, I only get 17 failures.  I don't get the ArchiveTest failure that you did.

Doug Schaefer
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Douglas Schaefer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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04/21/2003 02:46 PM
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I get the same failures in my workspace.  A lot of the failures are due to changes we made to the CModel that aren't reflected in the old test cases.  We need to spend some time going through and cleaning them up.

Also, I'm iffy on the visual inspection of dialog tests since the hope is to be able to run all of these tests during an unattended build.  But that is the hazard of running all tests in the ui.tests plugin.  We might want to restructure the folders in the plugin to seperate out the true UI tests that require visual inspection (or find an automated way to do these tests).

Doug Schaefer
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Camelon, John" <jcamelon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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04/21/2003 02:20 PM
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I select cdt.ui.tests and then go to the Run Menu and say Run As -> Junit
plugin test. I am running on Windows XP w/JDK 1.3.1.

On my development view, A bunch of UI stuff comes up from time to time to
ask me about how different C++ UI stuff lays out and I for the most part
just click "Yes" for that stuff. :-)  I get the same 18 failures/3 errors in
what I get out of CVS vs. what I have in my development snapshot, so I am
unsure as to when or how these tests got busted.  

I get the following errors:
- BinaryTests::testGetCpu() - NPE @ line 256 of
- AllBuildTests::testExtensions() - NPE @ line 159 of
- AllBuildTests::testProject() - ArrayOutOfBoundsException @ line 179 of

I get the following failures:
- ElementDeltaTests::testElementDeltas()
- BinaryTests::testGetChildren()
- BinaryTests::testGetData()
- BinaryTests::testGetNeededSharedLibs()
- BinaryTests::testGetText()
- BinaryTests::testIsBinRead()
- ArchiveTests::testGetBinaries()
- TranslationUnitTests::testGetElementAtLine() (comes up as 2 failures)
- TranslationUnitTests::testGetInclude() (comes up as 2 failures)
- TranslationUnitTests::testGetIncludes() (comes up as 2 failures)
- HelloWorld::test1()
- PartitionTokenScannerTest::testTestCaseCRLF() (comes up as 2 failures)
- PartitionTokenScannerTest::testTestCase2CRLF() (comes up as 2 failures)

The tests that come up twice are likely due to the fact that they are also
contained in another TestCase's suite() method.  
Please let me know if these tests require additional setup or a different
configuration.  I am particularly interested as to whether or not I have
broken something in the CModel.


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> Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] cdt.ui.tests
> >
> > When I run the whole UI Tests folder as a JUnit Plugin
> test, I get 18
> > failures and 3 errors out of 383 runs (not bad).  I am
> interested in running
> > the whole suite as a regression test for every patch that I
> submit, and I am
> > wondering how new these failures are and whether or not the
> tests should be
> > cleaned up or if new defects should be issued.  
> >
> > Can anybody provide some history on the matter?
> >
> Which one fails?
> Peter Graves, did the initial framework, but he is not here
> today to sched some light.
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