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Re: [cdt-dev] Build Model Proposal Status

> Alain: "If not, I can revive some code(based on an earlier build model
> proposition in September), to serve as a template."
> If that is the same draft proposal you sent out to the cdt-list back in
> September, that might be a great starting point. If I recall correctly,
> it had all the pre-requisites for a build model as discussed in the
> conference call contained within it, so as an actual reference point or
> as an actual proposal would fit imo.

Yes, unfortunately, I did not have time to carry this through.  It was a purposly
scale down proposal to get our feet wet and getting a better understanding
on how to get this with Eclipse build and the CDT ways.  I was expecting a few
iterations and refactoring 8-).

Again, I'll be happy to let someone else take the lead, we(QNX) do have a
few ideas on where we would like things to go, however 8-).

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