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Re: [cdt-dev] Build Model Proposal Status

> Well actually there are no developers working for "org.eclipse"; most or =
> all of the "committers" are at commercial companies like IBM and QNX and =
> others who have developed the features and decided to make them open =
> under CPL so everyone can use them. Although contributing code isn't =
> required like with the GPL it's still a good idea because if everyone =
> does that, it's like having thousands of free developers working on your =
> product. And as it says here:
> "The Eclipse Tools Project is a meritocracy. The more you contribute the =
> more responsibility you will earn." So although I'm not a committer yet =
> and I can't speak for the current ones, as a user of CDT I encourage you =
> and others to contribute what you've done back to the community so we =
> can all benefit from our collective knowledge and experience. Just my =
> opinion. Thx.


They were some propositions for the build, but none were carry through.
The QNX team working on the CDT, refocus our limited resources on the
debugger and getting the overall CDT(build, indexer, model , ... etc) in
to a better(more usable) shape.

Some important areas need work:
(1) Build
(2) indexer
(3) model/parser
(4) launch/Target(remote)

(5) The debug side of things is slowly but surely getting better

For the build:
- it is important to have an interface(contract)
   * to let the other modules retrieve information.
   * for other build models to work nicely
- error parsers, extension points
- persistency for markers
- and a default implementation (CDT) (makefile, ant etc ...)
  including UI views.

I'm ready to work with anyone having the time to take the lead on this.
Since many areas in Eclipse(Resource/Workspace) are going through some
changes(2.0.x, 2.1, 2.2), the first implementation can be simple and improve
through iterations.

If not, I can revive some code(based on an earlier build model proposition in
september), to serve as a template.

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