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RE: [cdt-dev] New build paradigms

Title: RE: [cdt-dev] New build paradigms
I believe that the Sun compiler still works this way. 
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From: Bialowas, Cory [mailto:cbialowas@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 9:09 AM
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Subject: RE: [cdt-dev] New build paradigms

I have hit the issue before where object files or libraries passed to the linker had to be in a certain order, it was because the linker was a single pass (as opposed to two pass) linker which had to be able to resolve all symbols in order without scanning through everything first. I don't believe this is that common anymore, but this may be something the build mechanism being worked on may need to support.


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From: Schaefer, Doug [mailto:dschaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: RE: [cdt-dev] New build paradigms


Actually, object files can be created in any order since the references aren't resolved until link time.  But that does bring up a great point about the order of the files on the link line since some of the linkers fail if you didn't have references before definitions (or visa versa, I can't remember the exact scenario, I've been spoiled too much lately by Visual Studio's automated build ;).  But, that's a whole other area that will need to be investigated for automated build.

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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] New build paradigms

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> I actually don't think (1) is that hard to do.  Yes, you do need to figure
> out the dependencies between translation units and the header files they
> bring in.  This information would also be necessary to generate proper
> makefiles that do incremental build.  However, it shouldn't be too difficult
> to do.  Gcc provides an option, -M, to generate this for you and I've build
> a perl script in the past to does the same.  But, as Chris mentioned, the
> CDOM, or more properly, the indexer, should be able record what header files
> a particular file includes for a particular set of build settings.  But that
> will take some time to put in place.

Yes, and probably it will be possible to go further in finding the
dependencies.  Most C programmers(sic) do not even bother to put
the includes are to declare the functions before:

# cat main.c
int main() {
  int x = 0;

  printf("Hello world");

  /* define in file foo.c */
  return 0;

The C parser by looking at the file can probably figure out
that there is a dependency on foo.c and tell the builder that it needs
to compile foo.c before main.c.  Usually this is done manually in
a Makefile

main : main.o foo.o
        $(CC) -o main main.o foo.o

main.o: foo.o


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