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[cdt-dev] CDT conference call agenda and call-in number

Hi all,

Here's the agenda for the call this afternoon:

- Introductions

- State of CDT (Sebastien)

- Update from CDT participants (10min max. each)
  - QNX - Thomas Fletcher
  - Rational - Doug/Sky
  - Redhat - Tom Tromey
  - Montavista - Brian

- New participants (10min max. each)
  - Interstron
  - Tensilica - Chris Songer
  - Timesys
  - Programming Research
  - Anyone I'm missing

- Project infrastructure
  - Communication
  - Mailing list
  - Builds
  - What's working and what's not working

- Planning (6 month goals/prios)
  - CDT 1.0.1 content
  - CDT Core (builder, CDOM)
  - CDT Debug (missing functionality, discuss transition to future gdb)
  - Documentation
  - Testing strategy
  - Rounding out the CDT -- GNUDE

- Varia

- Follow-up
  - Monthly calls, in-person meetings etc.

The call-in number is as follows:

1:30 to 4PM EST on Monday 9 December 2002

866-397-9631 (for those dialing in North America)
613-594-9391 (for those dialing in International)
Participant access code:  835200# 

The slide decks are also going to get posted on the CDT project
web page before the calls.

Talk to you all this afternoon,


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