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Re: [cdt-dev] Launcher

It would seem that your requirements are growing beyond what can be cleanly
added by simple extension points within the CDT launcher, why not create your
own Eclipse launch contribution which includes/extends the various CDT launch
tabs and extends the abstract delegate, plus adds whatever new tabs you need.
This approach will provide you the most flexibility, plus I feel that from a UI
perspective would be much cleaner.

In doing what you propose here, it raises a few questions...

- How does the current launch delegate use the new information provided by these new
- What happens to any "Local C" launch configuration that where created before I
installed the plugin that adds this new functionally to the "Local C" launching?
Are they still valid? Does it just change the behavior of these launches (not
sure this is a good thing)?

The creation of new launch configuration which reuse and extends the existing classes
within the current C launcher is what we (QNX) and I believe others already do.


Chris Songer wrote:


We are at it again with the launcher. Not only did we need to extend the launch delegate, but we also need to add some ILaunchConfigurationTabs to the run panel that are going to be custom for our environment.

Just like we needed all the features of the existing LocalCLaunchDelegate, we also need every other ILaunchConfigurationTab that is already there. They express the switches that one needs to run C programs. Unfortunately we also need to set some things that only our users are going to care about and the only choice as things were was to hack the code or snapshot the code, which are really the same thing.

I added an extension point to org.eclipse.cdt.launch to allow other plugins to add Tabs. Those who are thinking about how the launcher can be extended, should also be considering through what UI mechanism those extensions are configured.

In the end, Eclipse is pretty flexible here. The ILaunchConfiguration has a nice generic dictionary that anyone can put things in. I obviously like the idea of a CDT ConfigurationTab extension point that adds it's own stuff to the ILaunchConfiguration. Your launch plugin can then grab it out later.


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