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[cdt-dev] CDT - next steps and conference call

Hi all,

I'd like to propose we hold a conference call, either this
week or early next week, to bring together all of the CDT
contributors and stakeholders. I'm thinking that we should put
aside at least two hours, as we've got lots to discuss in
terms of direction and planning.

In terms of agenda, I was thinking of something along 
the lines of:

1. Introductions
2. State of CDT (where we are/where we're going) - 10-15 minutes
3. Update from CDT participants 
(QNX, Rational, Redhat, Montevista -- 10 minutes each)
4. Keep some time for new participants to present 
their activities and interest in CDT (Interstron, Timesys,
Tensilica etc).
5. High-level planning - 6 month priorities, goals and timelines
6. Plan follow-up calls and meetings

Please let me know what you all think and whether we should add/remove
items from the agenda. For the companies that are lurking on the mailing
list and would like to participate for item 4, please let me know --
we'll be glad to have you participate!

I will organize a conference bridge and will email out the number and
code to the list when we're settled on a time/date. I'd propose
three different times, as follows:

Friday December 6th, 11AM-1PM EST.
Monday December 9th, 1:30-4:00 PM (EST).
Wednesday December 11th, 12PM-2:30PM (EST).

Please indicate your preference; hopefully, we can find a
time slot which will accomodate most people.

I will also prepare some material (notes, powerpoint) that can be emailed
out to the list ahead of time.

Hope to talk to you all soon,


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