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RE: [cdt-dev] Should we (the CDT team) have more active participa tion in Eclips e workshops etc.

Title: RE: [cdt-dev] Should we (the CDT team) have more active participation in Eclips e workshops etc.

Hi Judy,

We need to look seriously at these opportunities to raise the profile of the CDT.  OOPSLA and Java One may or may not be the best places for this.  Certainly the Embedded Systems Conferences would be a good choice.  As Rational gets more involved with the CDT and Eclipse, we will certainly be willing to do things like this.

BTW, is anyone on the CDT development team going to be at OOPSLA for the BoF?

Doug Schaefer
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Rational - the software development company
Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario, Canada

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From: Judy Green [mailto:jgreen@xxxxxxx]
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Subject: [cdt-dev] Should we (the CDT team) have more active participation in Eclips e workshops etc.

Hi folks,

As you may have noticed Eclipse is getting a lot of exposure at conferences
such as OOPSLA and Java One.
The most recent announcement is a Camp Eclipse being held in Germany in

I would like to see the CDT team take a proactive stance and commit
resources, so that the CDT will have a presence at these events.
Is there any way that we can hear about these Eclipse focused activities in
time to mobilize a team or at least a person to represent the CDT?

It is too late for participation in OOPSLA, but JavaOne is coming up next
summer. I am not sure if we have time to arrange something for the Eclipse
Camp in December.

I am sure that there are other initiatives in the works, and it is a little
difficult to arrange something when we the first we hear about it is when a
notice is published on the Eclipse Website  :(

I would just hate to see us miss out on these great opportunities to
generate more interest in the CDT.

Thoughts comments?


Judy N. Green               Software Engineer
QNX Software Systems Ltd.

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