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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: Nightly Builds

I am not sure if this is your problem, but you always have to select an
executable before selecting Debug with-> ...
You can do it from the Debugger view too, by clicking first on the
Navigator tab, selecting the executable, and then
selecting the launcher.


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thomson@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Joe,
>>I'm also somewhat confused on how to kick off the debugger. When I click
>>the bug icon, it brings up the "Select Launcher" dialog. Everyhting in
>>there looks like Java stuff. Perhaps you could point me in the right
> That hasn't been fixed yet in R2, see
> However there is another path, if you click on the right side of the
> where the down arrow icon is you can find the Debug With menu that
> "Start C/C++ Application"
> As Dave says though, this may be in transition if you are working from
> rather than a stable build.

I got this to work once... but only the first time. Once it's run,
selecting Debug With->Start C/C++ Application does absolutely nothing...


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