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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: Nightly Builds

The current state of CVS is reflecting our progress in catching up to
Eclipse stable build 0321.  0321 is their last build
still supporting launchers, alongside launch configurations.  For example,
their integration build, 0328 doesn't show
the launchers anymore, just the launch configurations.  As soon as we
publish a driver for supporting Eclipse 0321,
CVS will be in a flux again due to catching up to launch configurations.
Among other things, I guess ... :-)

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>I'm also somewhat confused on how to kick off the debugger. When I click
>the bug icon, it brings up the "Select Launcher" dialog. Everyhting in
>there looks like Java stuff. Perhaps you could point me in the right

That hasn't been fixed yet in R2, see

However there is another path, if you click on the right side of the button
where the down arrow icon is you can find the Debug With menu that includes
"Start C/C++ Application"

As Dave says though, this may be in transition if you are working from CVS
rather than a stable build.

Brian Thomson

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