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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: Nightly Builds

I'm working from the GTK version (can't tolerate the ugliness of Motif). So far it seems to be working quite well. Built generally nicely (some complaints about deprecated APIs). Lauched fine (last night's cpp.ui wouldn't load). Can create hello world, can import a project from CVS and set it's mode to C/C++.

I know I'm going in twenty directions at once, but is there a standard test process / test suite?

I did notice that it doesn't want to parse objects from old K&R code (and neither do I!). I'm using ttcp.c as one of my test programs (from the ttcp SRPM). I'll go poke in Bugzilla and see if it's already noted...

I'm also somewhat confused on how to kick off the debugger. When I click the bug icon, it brings up the "Select Launcher" dialog. Everyhting in there looks like Java stuff. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction...

and under 'properties', what's the difference between "Launch Configuration" and "Launcher"...

turnham@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

The code in CVS now compiles and runs for the 20020321 Stable Eclipse
Driver.  I've tested this only with the Motif driver.  I'll be trying the
GTK and Windows drivers out shortly.

  Jeff Turnham
  Linux Application Development
  IBM Toronto Lab, D2-328
  (905) 413-4319

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