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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: Nightly Builds

Joe Wrote:
>after "cvs co" and a "make clean-dev", "make dev"
>now works. The slightly revised process is:
>1.  Make sure you have a jdk that is at least version 1.3
>2.  export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/home/tools
>3.  Goto the <..>/eclipse/plugins directory
>4.  cvs checkout cdt
>5.  cd org.eclipse.cdt.dstore.core
>6.  make dev

Since is now in the cdt-debug module, which is itself
part of the cdt module, step 4 can go back to just "cvs checkout cdt".
(Also as a side note, I like to do a "make -s dev" in step 6 so I don't get
all the verbose output).

>It had a problem building org.eclipse.cdt.cpp.ui... so I did:
>7.  cd ../org.eclipse.cdt.cpp.ui
>8.  make clean
>8.  make
>at which point it failed (as you explained, it's currently unstable, so
>this was expected). At least I can now start to look at java bugs that
>are probably beyond my near-term comprehension... I attached a log in
>case anybody is curious...

The problems contained in the log are indeed from the current churn trying
to get up to speed with the latest Eclipse Stable Driver.  The specific
errors from the ResourceElements are fixed now, but there are still other
debugger problems.   I would expect these issues to be resolved by

>so I assume that there is a similar 6 step process for LPEX and Debug?
>Is anybody looking at unifying the build process?
>I realize that doing a complete build from source is on the schedule,
>but if we get there sooner rather than later it will be easier for
>people to get started with Eclipse.

A little bit of history:
For the R1 CDT (the "R1-0" branch in cvs) we actually did build the
debugger.  For R2 the Debugger team took back control of the build process,
build it internally and provide us with drivers (with source zipped up).
We have noticed that the source in the zips can be (and currently is) out
of synch with the binaries, so trying to build the source for the debugger
is probably futile.  Resolving this is on my todo list.

As far as LPEX goes, we (the CDT team) have never actually built it
ourselves.  I just tried to build it and it looks like it requires REXX.
The build process itself looks quite simple, but I'll have to do a little
more investigation to determine what is necessary to "unify" the CDT build

>alternatively, you could just try and run javac -help and print a "can't
>find javac, is JDK in PATH?" error...

Yes I suppose I could do that since actually compiling the CDT will require
a jdk anyway (I think I'm always looking for an excuse to write some perl).

>So is there a way to traverse all of the CDT plugins and "make" in all
>of them? I thought that's what make dev did, but it doesn't sound like
>it from your paragraph.

Actually the "global" make you refer to is done as part of the "make dev"
command but only when done from the org.eclipse.cdt.dstore.core directory ;
-)  I could take a look at making that action available to all of the
generated makefiles.

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