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Re: [cdt-dev] suggestion for enhancement

You can actually do this, but from the Hosts Perspective.   The C/C++
Perspective is intended for the "project" view of the world, while the
Hosts is for a more generic "files" view of the world.   From the Hosts
view, you can create a "connection" that acts as an entry point into your
local or remote filesystem.  Once you have connected, you should be able to
browse directories and files, perform commands and edit files, without
having to have formally defined a project.

As for having an Ant target, you can specify whatever you want to be your
build invocation in the project properties (provided you have a project).
If you have a script, makefile or other program that can be run from the
command line, then you can use it.  If the console output of the build is
useful, there is an extensible way for interpretting that output for the
purpose of UI integration.

Thanks for the feedback,

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I would like to see the ability to open and edit files
without having to add the file to a project.  Files are
files, one should be able to just edit them outside the
context of a project.

As is the tool is ok as an IDE, but to be useful as a general
purpose editor it must have this functionality.

Until then I will have to continue using emacs.

I would also like to see the build process have an option for
using an Ant target.

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