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[cdt-cloud-dev] changes to some API around breakpoints in cdt-gdb-adapter

Hi folks,

The cdt-gdb-adapter has not finalized API and does not (yet?) follow semantic versioning. We generally try not to change interfaces unnecessarily as what is API and what is not API is also not particularly well defined.

However if you are extending cdt-gdb-adapter I wanted to bring your attention to PR 268 which refactors the breakpoint insertion code and improves the interface of mi.breakpoints.

Therefore, in case you are customizing that code in your extensions to cdt-gdb-adapter, please be aware you may need to do some small renaming/re-jigging of the code.

Please share any concerns you have on the PR or ask any questions if you need help adapting your code.


Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

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