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[cdt-cloud-dev] Project Lead election for Rob Moran on Eclipse

A project lead election for Rob Moran on project Eclipse
(ecd.cdt-cloud) was started by Philip Langer with this criteria:

Rob Moran has been an active committer of the Eclipse Theia project and its
ecosystem since years.
He is also the the chair, initiator and one of the main drivers of the Cloud
DevTools Special Interest Group for embedded development.
With his impactful activities around web-based C/C++ tool technologies, Rob
also quickly became an evangelist and contributor to the ecosystem
and its related technologies for web-based C/C++ tools.

Recently, Rob initiated a new component:
With this initial contribution and his commitment to this project, he was
already able to already attract other community members to join forces on

For being the lead of this promising component and his long-term
successful endeavor to enhance the ecosystem and community, it is
my pleasure to nominate Rob as a committer on Eclipse

Eclipse project committers can click the election link below to



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