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[cdt-cloud-dev] CDT.Cloud Kick-off

Hi everyone,

I'm very happy to announce that we've successfully kicked off the CDT.Cloud project!
Thank you Matthew, Bernd, Jonah, Stefan and Jonas for their work to make this happen.

The umbrella repository, which provides a common entry point to all CDT.Cloud components, is now available [1]. We have enabled Github Discussions [2] too. Please post your ideas, questions, and discussions about CDT.Cloud there.

We will have an open CDT.Cloud community call every two months.
Everyone interested in CDT.Cloud is very welcome to join!
The next meeting will be on

Tuesday, February 8, 2022  at  17:30 – 18:20
Video call link:

I'm looking forward to this meeting and to working with you on this exciting new project!

Best wishes,



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