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Re: [cbi-dev] Building maven artifacts for Eclipse SUMO

Hi Robert, 

See my answers inline.

On 26 Mar 2021, at 10:43, Robert.Hilbrich@xxxxxx wrote:

Hi Mikaël,
I think we finally managed to get Eclipse SUMO build on Eclipse CI and deploy to However, two questions are still open :
  1. How can we configure the build-job to be triggered by every commit to the master branch on GitHub? I tried to understand the Jenkins docs, but I did not manage to get it working.

The repo was missing the webhook settings. You should be all set now.

  1. Can we get a dockerhub organization / user account for the Eclipse SUMO project to store the custom image? Should we open a bug for that?

See for instructions.


Mikaël Barbero 
Manager — Release Engineering and Technology | Eclipse Foundation
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