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[cbi-dev] How to sign a Eclipse plugin using CBI

Hello Guys

I need to sign my plugins and win exe file. I tried using the CBI Maven plugins with Tycho build. It's failing to connect  ""
"org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to [] failed: connect timed out"
I have used this url from here <signerUrl></signerUrl> 

Do I need to run my own server? Or Can I use the existing eclipse server?
I tried to use my own server locally. I followed the steps from here
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the "jar-signing-service-test.jar".(the download link is not working)

Are there any sample applications or any help documents are available?


Regards & Thanks

Lakshminarayana Nekkanti

|Email:narayana.nekkanti@xxxxxxxxx | | Mobile: +919885678924  |

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