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[cbi-dev] Guidance on how long to keep Jenkins jobs on around for (e.g. forever, a certain number of years, a few years worth of releases)...


In the Jakarta EE Platform TCK environment [1], we are required to service our old releases.  We do not yet have a limit defined on how far back we go.  Our current Jakarta EE releases are { 8, 9 } and further releases are expected this year.  So, we could have a request in 20 years for service release of our Jakarta EE Platform TCK 8.0.x software which requires running the corresponding build/release/test jobs for Jakarta EE 8. 

My question for this mailing list is whether Eclipse has any guidance for how long (either in years or number of major releases) a particular Eclipse release could/should be serviceable with regard to future service releases being possible?



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