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Re: [cbi-dev] Publish to Maven Central

Hi Dirk,

I wonder if it would not be better for libraries like NatTable (or Nebula in total) to move from the MANIFEST-First approach to a pom-first.

This would make it a lot easier to publish your artifacts to maven-central because you don't have to synthesize the pom.xml from the p2-metadata (we do that in efxclipse and it's not that funny).

MIHO - creating a p2-repo from maven is a lot easier than the other way.


Am 04.12.20 um 18:10 schrieb Dirk Fauth:

I would like to also publish the NatTable artifacts to Maven Central once the release review succeeded. I see more and more projects publish to maven central already.

Is there some wiki that explains what needs to be done for publishing Eclipse project artifacts to maven central?


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