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[cbi-dev] Committer Election for Mickael Istria on Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure has started

A committer election for Mickael Istria on project Eclipse Common Build
Infrastructure (technology.cbi) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with this

I would like to nominate Mickael Istria for committer on CBI project.
He is currently working on switching Simrel to use Tycho instead of B3 and
Simrel building code lies in CBI project. Considering that he is one of the
most active guys in Tycho, Simrel, EPP, P2 and etc. having him in CBI will
significantly help in streamlining processes for all Eclipse projects.
Hit contributions so far are:
Repository org.eclipse.cbi.p2repo.aggregator:
7e88c87c (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Fix generation of
category.xml file
a4ec37fa Bug 501424 - Generate equivalent pom.xml and category.xml
f9fd3bd9 Bug 528872 - Update to newer p2
9eaf23b8 (origin/initialTransfer) 485574: Allow setting of multiple versions
at once
c196faf5 Suggest version in VersionRange dialog

Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure project committers can click the election
link below to vote.



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