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[cbi-dev] Running multiple notarizations in parallel

Hi folks,

Can I run multiple macos notarizations in parallel? i.e am I allowed to, I will write the script myself to do it. 

Conext is the EPP build. We need to sign 13 dmg files, each takes 10-15 minutes and that means it takes hours to run the build. Most of the time is just getting in progress messages back from the service. The additional complication is that it does fail maybe 5% of the time, but with 13 images, that means we often have builds fail. For example, it took 9 hours from when I started to try to get a good build until I got a green one ( I will add a retry to the notarization as well so that the whole build does not fail for a transient problem.

Thanks for the input.

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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