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[cbi-dev] ssh agent -

Hi folks,

I've been struggling with the ssh agent yersterday with my custom container. I can't get rid of the 100010000 user error. I have modified my container based on the example to run the appropriate script in ENTRYPOINT, but I must have missed something. 

By the way, in the previous examples, the user is 10001 whereas in the openshift it is 100010000, am I understanding it right? 


So today, I'm trying something much simpler, I execute the following basic pipeline within the default container, but I'm getting the error "genie.keyple@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive)."

pipeline {
  agent any
  stages {
    stage('Test SSH') {
      steps {
        sshagent ( ['']) {
          sh '''


I've been through all the wiki and docs, I think I have reached the limits of my capabilities in terms of k8/docker/openshift/devops... could I get a hand from someone on my pipelines? I am a bit desperate :) do I sound like it? 

If you want to have a quick look : 

my custom container is attached

Thanks in advance!

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