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[cbi-dev] Committer Election for Mat Booth on Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure has started

A committer election for Mat Booth on project Eclipse Common Build
Infrastructure (technology.cbi) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with this

Mat is the main guy behind CBI flatpak plugin, as such it would be nice to
give him direct access to the repo so he can properly maintain it. He has
contributed some other fixes to the project too. List of contributions is
available at: and
Allow resolving additional sources from maven repositoriesHEADmaster
Refactor to remove the need to generate a Makefile
Update some minimum requirements and sandbox restrictions
Update to openjdk 10 and drop the hacks associated with the old jdk
Allow equinox security service to work by allowing communication with
Allow setting permissions on additional sources injected into the app
Fix build warnings about mojo source encoding
Increase default gnome platform version and grant access to whole
Bug 528202 - Add maven plugin for building Flatpak applications.
Make it simpler to fetch boolean parameters from the reqest facade
Use the same version of auto-value in all projects (1.4)
Use of Guava for standard charsets is no longer necessary

Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure project committers can click the election
link below to vote.



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