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[cbi-dev] Gradual move to Clustered CI

Hi all,

We're considering moving some projects to the clustered build infra, with the final goal for us to have more control on the GTK versions and other things like that for which default infra is obsolete or close to.
For most projects (m2e, Platform...), the number and diversity of jobs to too big to consider a full migration and we need to go gradually, moving first the least critical or more valuable, to acquire necessary experience to move more critical or more complex job later.
While moving it, we'd like to avoid any automated migration, as we do want to experience the value and the challenge as we migrate (while an automated migration wouldn't help on those matters IMO).

So can we have gradual migration of ci?
Could for example m2e be granted a clustered infra and keep for as long as we don't feel confident enough to shut it down?

Thanks in advance.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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