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[cbi-dev] Docker image with Xvnc working with Kubernetes agent?

Hi all,

I'm finally trying to create my own Docker image to run Wild Web Developer tests and runtime. WIP is at . The image seems correct locally (I can start vncserver, or at least it seems so) so I deployed it to ( ) to be able to reference it in our Jenkinsfile ( ) and use it during build.
However, when the image is used on, it's failing to start the vncserver with an error that looks like a user management issue:
`vncserver: Could not create //.vnc.` (from ). This error makes me think it's because the current user of the Docker image is not named to it's not possible to infer a correct path.

So, from here, a couple of questions:
1. Does anyone already cover this scenario and can link to an existing Dockerfile or docker image which successfully runs I could use as baseline?
2. Can anyone advise of how I could fix that? Would defining the USER environment variable be a valid workaround?

Thanks in advance

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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