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[cbi-dev] HELP! EclipseCon CBI talk

Preface: I have some influence over EclipseCon staff who can provide
free beer.

I'm giving a 35-minute CBI talk at EclipseCON with Mikael. But for
reasons beyond his control, Mikael cannot make it to EclipseCon.

I was to talk about the tools we use and overall workflow, and Mikael
about the more technical aspects of the build process, all of which he
(and probably many of you) know more than I do.

Mikael has offered to coach me on the content, but I thought it would be
better if some of that content was delivered by someone who actually
knew what they were talking about. So here's my request: if Mikael and I
prepare all the slides and content, is there someone on this list
willing to co-speak with me for this talk?

In return you would get lots of free beer at EclipseCon and my eternal

Is there anyone up for it? Contact me off-list if you prefer -- you know
how to reach me.

Many thanks in advance,


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