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[cbi-dev] Trouble with Hudson, git clone


I have a Hudson / HIPP instance for the LocationTech Spatial4j project. I have one Job that I created some weeks ago that does a typical build from a project hosted at GitHub. It's a maven build. No problems.

I attempted to create a new job whose sole purpose is to be used to get my releases signed by the eclipse-jarsigner-plugin. As some of you may know, Eclipse/LocationTech's jar signing servers only accept requests from Eclipse infrastructure, and my Hudson instance is the only such infrastructure I have access to (to my knowledge to do this). So my goal with this new Hudson Job is to be executed by me on demand (manually) when doing a release, and I need to edit the config each time (for each release) to tell it to use the branch spatial4j-0.6 (or whatever the release version is) but technically it's a tag, not a branch. I know that part works from me experimenting with the normal Job. Â

But my attempts to create a new job that checks out code from GitHub is so far unsuccessful. Looking at the console output, it times out trying to reach github.com. It's so weird because the URL is right, and is the same as my original working Job -- https://github.com/locationtech/spatial4j.git.  ÂI tried creating a Job both manually, and by doing a copy from the working job, and still the same results. See this Job's console output:

What could the problem be?

~ David
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