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[cbi-dev] Common update site theme based on Solstice


a while ago I wrote:
>>> There is one common resource, however, which I would really like to be
>>> offered by CBI: a common index.html for update sites that adheres to
>>> eclipse.org's current theme.
>> Definitely, that could be one thing with a lot of values for projects.
>> I am really interested in working on something like this. I will draft a document with the ideas and see where it goes.
> Great. Thank you.
> Also, one further benefit I can see is that not every project needs to
> write its own PHP script to do directory listings (which is not
> completely trivial to do without security issues).

I just looked over the Solstice and they are not entirely trivial.
Certainly much more complex than what we currently do at Code
Recommenders [2]. Still, if there is interest in hosting, say
org.eclipse.cbi.resources:solstice-repository-resources:0.1-SNAPSHOT, I
would be happy to push an initial change to Gerrit. I only know about
the maven-remote-resources-plugin & Velocity parts; someone would need
to help me with Solstice and PHP know how.

Best wishes,


[1] <https://eclipse.org/eclipse.org-common/themes/solstice/docs/>

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