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[cbi-dev] Feature Version Qualifiers and Dependencies


I probably never carfully checked, but recently I discovered an interesting shortcoming of how Tycho generates feature version qualifiers.

It's actually documented here:

Timestamps of included bundles and features and derived from their version qualifiers and any qualifier that cannot be interpreted as timestamp is ignored.

The "cannot be interpreted" part is very interesting. The current implementation in Tycho expect the format of qualifiers of all included bundles and dependencies to match the one from the qualifier being generated, i.e. it only uses the format for parsing specified in the configuration (default is yyyMMddHHmm).

As soon as a feature includes something from Orbit or another Eclipse project you are pretty much screwed. Chances are high that qualifier formats are different.

Details here:

I'm working on a patch. I'd like to have your input on the variations of formats to support. Thus, if you could quickly check and post a comment on the bug if your format is not among the "common" formats mentioned in the bug.



Gunnar Wagenknecht

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