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[cbi-dev] CBI Branching Strategy

Hi Everyone,

We plan on pushing up the rebased M5 branches soon and were thinking of some 
potential ideas for a naming structure for the new branches moving forward.

Today aggregator repositories and submodules for M4 use the following scheme:

R4: R4_tycho-monolith-build
R3: R3_tycho-monolith-build
common: tycho-monolith-build

(and in the case of eclipse.platform an additional scheme for R4: R3R4_tycho-

We plan on leaving the existing M4 branches as is for history but with M5 
branches and forward we were thinking of using the following schema:


For example:


Where release is only specified for submodules that are not common (repos: 
aggregator, eclipse.platform, and eclipse.platform.ui).

This should make it easier for anyone who wants to try out the CBI builds to 
determine whether they are pulling M5, M6, etc... in the future. 

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks,