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Re: [cbi-dev] CBI Eclipse Platform moved

I'm using the diff system with "--recurse-submodules" support, but here is a problem to get submodules:
Submodule path 'eclipse.jdt': checked out '3ce7883dc571704f45154074101e4573e75a559f'
Cloning into 'eclipse.jdt.core'...
error: cannot spawn git: No such file or directory
Clone of 'http://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/cbi/eclipse.jdt.core' into submodule path 'eclipse.jdt.core' failed

Only eclipse.jdt is checked out.

Any help is appreciated.


On 3/5/2012 2:12 PM, Paul Webster wrote:
Yes, some versions of git don't support that option.

Just clone aggregator repo and then use the git submodules command to make sure the submodules have the correct checkout/working directory.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 5:05 PM, Ludmila Shikhvarg <Ludmila.Shikhvarg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I faced a problem to clone a repository (both eclipse version: 4.x & 3.x) on linux using command below from http://wiki.eclipse.org/CBI/Eclipse_Platform_Build:
$ git clone -b tycho-monolith-build --recurse-submodules \ git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/cbi/platform-aggregator.git R4_platform-aggregator
error: unknown option `recurse-submodules'
usage: git clone [options] [--] <repo> [<dir>]

  -v, --verbose         be more verbose
  -q, --quiet           be more quiet
  --progress            force progress reporting
  -n, --no-checkout     don't create a checkout
  --bare                create a bare repository
  --mirror              create a mirror repository (implies bare)
  -l, --local           to clone from a local repository
  --no-hardlinks        don't use local hardlinks, always copy
  -s, --shared          setup as shared repository
  --recursive           initialize submodules in the clone
  --template <path>     path the template repository
  --reference <repo>    reference repository
  -o, --origin <branch>
                        use <branch> instead of 'origin' to track upstream
  -b, --branch <branch>
                        checkout <branch> instead of the remote's HEAD
  -u, --upload-pack <path>
                        path to git-upload-pack on the remote
  --depth <depth>       create a shallow clone of that depth

Has anybody seen the same issue?


Thanh Ha wrote:
Hi Everyone,

We moved the CBI Eclipse Platform to a new location. The updated download instructions can be found on the wiki at

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