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Re: [cbi-dev] Rebasing CBI to M5

Hi Thanh

We tag every build with a tag that corresponds to the build id.

For M5

For 3.8, this tag would be I20120125-1800 of org.eclipse.releng in /gitroot/platform/eclipse.platform.releng.maps

For 4.2 this tag would be I20120127-1145 of org.eclipse.e4.sdk in /gitroot/e4/org.eclipse.e4.sdk


From:        Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        03/05/2012 09:47 AM
Subject:        [cbi-dev] Rebasing CBI to M5
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Hi Everyone,

I'm working on rebasing the CBI build to M5 and need to understand how to find
which branch / tag / etc... is the M5 build. I browsed the various projects on
git.eclipse.org and it was not immediately obvious to me which branch/tags I
should be looking at. Any help getting me in the right direction would be much


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