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Re: [cbi-dev] Some feedback on the build prototype

I've updated the prototype platform build to match Juno M4 sources.
There is separate branch R3_tycho-monolith-build for 3.8 build now and
the original tycho-monolith-build branch builds 4.2.

I now see only very minor differences compared to official M4 builds,
but I would appreciate if somebody could review the updated prototype
build results.

(When building both 3.8 and 4.2 branches on the same system, I would
recommend using separate local repositories, i.e. -Dmaven.repo.local=...
parameter. This does not matter when building complete platform source
tree, but will enable some advanced build scenarios.)


On 11-12-22 3:08 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Thank you for the feedback, Paul. It is really helpful!

See my comments inline.


On 11-12-22 1:50 PM, Paul Webster wrote:
first of all, cool :-)

The first run of mvn make clean (skip tests) took about 30 minutes on
my work linux box (duo core) and 15 minutes on my quad core at home. A
secondary run on my work Duo core was about 20 min.

Interesting. The build takes around 7 minutes on my duo core linux box
with primed local repository caches. I do have SSD in that box, which
likely explains the difference. How long does the current PDE/Build take?

1) It seems to be mostly a 4.2 build. The diff between our current 4.2
build and the build output is listed in the other email. At least one
must-have plugin is missing, org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.addons.swt. It
also looks like you are using the 3.8 features and branding plugins.
The splash screen has been updated, but more than that those plugins
contain the CSS we use to style eclipse 4.2.

Information about the current build git repos and branches can be found
in our auto-tagging configuration:


(until we move to the 4.2 long build, some time in M5)

The build prototype uses snapshot of the sources from some time around
Juno M3. I plan to update the snapshot to match Juno M4 during next
several days.

2) When I look at the repo in TMP/org.eclipse.sdk.epp/target/repository
I don't see any of the org.eclipse.e4.* bundles. Does that mean they
weren't built? It looks like they were compiled in the
eclipse.platform.ui repo.

This likely means I did not use the right feature.xml to include in
org.eclipse.sdk.epp. I'll try to find the right ones when I update
tycho-monolith-build branch to match Juno M4 sources.

3) the product zips created use DefaultProfile instead of SDKProfile
when created. When I tried to run a subset of the automated tests, they
looked like they were installed but weren't available at runtime ('cause
they were installed into SDKProfile :-) Could that be switched, we have
a fair bit of infrastructure that depends on that profile.

Yes, this is configurable, I'll change this later today.

4) there are no doc or source bundles (probably not that far yet).

There is a difference between how sources bundles and features produced
by Tycho and PDE/Build. As a temporary workaround, I simply created a
bunch of empty source feature projects in TMP/ folder, but we obviously
will need a permanent solution. This is on my todo list, but Andrew
wants me to get tests running first.

Could we focus the LTS build on 3.8? I know that we're moving to the
4.2 long build soon, but not yet, and that will probably make it hard to
compare LTS to a complete build of any kind. Plus 3.8 only has the ECF
external dependency, and 4.2 has quite a few more (include EMF core
which we currently get from the 2.8milestone repo, they promote their
milestone build early).

I will let Andrew decide on this one. When do you plan to switch over to
4.2 build by default for the SDK?


Paul Webster
Hi floor. Make me a sammich! - GIR

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