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[cbi-dev] Double checking if we're building the right stuff (or not)

Hi Everyone,

In case you're curious, here's an image from my build running on my laptop: You'll see the branding stuff is noticeably absent.

One urgent thing Igor and I could really use your help with is making sure we're building all the right stuff for the platform. At the moment, these are the repositories included:

eclipse.jdt                eclipse.platform            FROMCVS
eclipse.jdt.core           eclipse.platform.common     log1
eclipse.jdt.core.binaries  eclipse.platform.debug      pom.xml
eclipse.jdt.debug          eclipse.platform.resources  rt.equinox.bundles
eclipse.jdt.ui             eclipse.platform.runtime    rt.equinox.framework
eclipse-parent          rt.equinox.p2
eclipse.pde                eclipse.platform.text       screenlog.0         TMP
eclipse.pde.ui             eclipse.platform.ui

[aross@midge platform-aggregator]$ cd FROMCVS/
[aross@midge FROMCVS]$ ls
CVS                           org.eclipse.test.performance
org.eclipse.cvs-feature       org.eclipse.test.performance.win32
org.eclipse.platform-feature  pom.xml

Does anything jump out to you as missing?

Somewhat related, and something to think about, Igor and I discussed orbit, emf, jetty and ecf. It looks like there's circular dependencies between the platform and emf/ecf. This strongly hints that it may make sense that they be pulled into this monolithic build.


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