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Re: [cbi-dev] Update for Dec. 20

Hi All,

Good news to share. I was able to build the platform myself using Igor's prototype build. I was able to start Eclipse from it as well, which is encouraging. Next on the list is to figure out how to package from the p2 repositories this build produces.

A reminder that if you'd like to try this prototype build out, please contact me and I'll arrange access for you. Some folks who asked are set up already.

One thing that became very clear as I ran the build was the need to ensure we have control over what software gets downloaded by maven. We need this in a normal Eclipse community context, but for LTS it is absolutely crucial that we have a local copy of software we need to build so that we don't depend on any sites/services that might disappear.

Also, I'd like to get everyone thinking about testing. What kinds of tests do we need to ensure we run & pass so that we can have high confidence in this build?


On 12/20/2011 04:21 PM, Andrew Ross wrote:
Hi Everyone,

A quick update to keep you informed.

Igor is helping me sort out an issue I've found while reproducing the prototype build. It is my hope that once we get past it (and any others lurking) that I'll have been able to build the Eclipse Platform here at the Foundation using maven. It's impressively simple to run.

At this time, I believe it should be the case that we can take the output of this build, a bunch of p2 repositories, and feed it into EPP. This is next on the list to try and figure out.

Our prototype environment is essentially a temporary fork of the platform while we figure things out. If you're interested in access to it, please contact me and we'll figure out what we can do and how. We'd welcome more eyes looking at things and kicking the system.

The first cut at distributing the binaries will likely be p2 repositories hosted on There seems to be solid agreement that we should get going.

A quick look at Dash looks like there's some good stuff happening and strong synergies with the CBI initiative, thanks Paul! We're still figuring out the business model for LTS which is pulling CBI forward. As things progress the linkages/sharing between CBI & other initiatives will become more clear.



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