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Re: [cbi-dev] CBI work, relation to dash-dev and Minerva

Hi Paul.

[Sorry... this bounced when I sent it on Friday]

I've created a wiki page to capture information about the CBI. It's very much a work-in-progress.

Feel free to edit as you see fit.

Some comments inline.


On 12/16/2011 10:16 AM, Paul Webster wrote:
Hi all,

1) how is our task/goal here related to what they're doing in dash-dev?  I see that the Dash project has been working on a number of maven [1] related build [2] support tools.  The already have a git repo at with an default eclipse parent  pom and an eclipse-signing-maven-plugin  There's also which is mentioned on the dash-dev list, but I'm not sure if some or all of it has moved to the dash git repo.
The CBI is evolving and will continue to evolve. From a technology point-of-view, the CBI is based on the stack of Hudson, Maven, and Tycho. As the work being done in the Dash project evolves, pieces of it will be absorbed into the CBI. As gaps are identified, we will take steps to fill them.

2) Has CBI decided on a way to expose Igor's work on building on the eclipse hardware?

3) Is this something that will interact with the instance to share p2 repos as they are built?
I envision, or something like it, being very much a part of the CBI. Both as a source for build artifacts, and as a means for distribution of builds.
I agree., or something like it needs to be part of CBI.
4) just a general comment.  As we've seen recently, sharing and/or promoting repos as part of the builds when Hudson is involved is quite convoluted/error prone.  But building a number of repos and sharing them either within one build or between multiple build jobs is a requirement (even now, and probably more important if we do get to break up the main Eclipse SDK build into smaller builds).   Should we be able to recommend a best practice for this on the Eclipse Foundation hardware?
Best practices are part of this. So yes.


Paul Webster
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