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[buckminster-dev] create.eclipse.jnlp.product issues

Title: create.eclipse.jnlp.product issues

I'm using this ant target create.eclipse.jnlp.product from buckminster.pdetasks (1) using the properties file (2) to produce an installer/ folder containing most of the contents for my webstartable.war; to turn it into a war i zip the folder, and add the WEB-INF/lib/jnlp-servlet.jar + WEB-INF/web.xml + startup.signed.jar + my.jnlp (3). My target env is eclipse 3.5 with delta pack. The feature-project where i run this target, has a feature.xml with 4 included features: my own app, rcp, platform and help

I'm not sure if this startup.jar is the right way to launch the 3.5 thing, but it used to work in eclipse 3.2 so i just copied it :)

To get it actually downloadable, i have to fix some things:

A) the jars never get signed even though site.signing=true. I tried to fix this by signing them myself, but eventually the client env still stops, saying "jar resources in jnlp are not signed by the same certificate".

for i in $(find installer/*/*.jar)
echo $i;
jarsigner -keystore jnlp.keystore -keypass xyz -storepass xyz $i me
jarsigner -keystore jnlp.keystore -keypass xyz -storepass xyz startup.signed.jar me

B) in the generated jnlp files, i see extension nodes that refer to other generated jnlp files. Typically the href looks like "features/....jnlp" though the actual jnlp is not in that features folder; it's on the root. Fix = remove the "features/" prefix from the href value.

C) for win32 win32 x86 the org.eclipse.rcp...jnlp refers to 2 ...wpf... bundles or fragments which are not there (but the same name with ...win32... is there). I just remove these lines.

<public name="create.eclipse.jnlp.product" actor="ant">
<property key="buildFileId" value="buckminster.pdetasks"/>
<property key="targets" value="create.eclipse.jnlp.product"/>
<property key="buckminster.eclipse.productFile" value="client.product"/>
<property key="buckminster.eclipse.deleteuilauncher" value="false"/>
<prerequisites alias="action.requirements">
<attribute name="feature.exports"/>
<products alias="action.output" base="${buckminster.output}" >
<path path="installer/"/>

buckminster.output.root       /tmp/x6
buckminster.temp.root         /tmp/y6
local.keystore.path ${workspace.root}/.../jnlp.keystore
local.keystore.alias me
local.keystore.password xyz
local.keystore.passphrase xyz  
site.pack200                  false
site.signing                  true
signing.type                  local
cbi.include.source            false

    <jar href="">

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