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[birt-report-engine-dev] HOW, ? Birt 4.2.0 runtime on Oracle Weblogic 11g

Technical architect, which has to deploy Birt 4.2.0  runtime on Oracle Weblogic 11g   application server,  rejected the task  with explanation that:   Birt 4.2.0  dos not comply with JAVA6,  (builds    org/apache/xerces/dom/ElementImpl  and  org/w3c/dom/Element  are incompatibles  to  JDK class signature).   I read about Incompatibilities between JDK 7 and JDK 6, but how it may relate to Birt?
He decided to deploy  birt.3.7.2 on   Oracle Weblogic 11g   I am waning results.
Does anybody installed birt 4.2.0   on Oracle Weblogic 11g ?