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Re: [birt-report-engine-dev] Query runs multiple times

Nederlandse versie: zie lager.


if you know me, you know that I am not available from October 5 till October 18.
You can only reach me at one of the following movie theatres:

If you have a question about iText, please understand that it's the company policy
of 1T3XT to ignore all questions that are not sent to one of the official e-mail addresses:
- the free mailing list: see http://1t3xt.com/about/contact.php
- the official support address: see http://itextsoftware.com/

If you have a personal question, you probably know me, and you know other ways
to reach me. Do not use my mail address till after October 18.

best regards,

Samengevat: ik ben naar het filmfestival van 5 tot 17 oktober, en ik heb 18 oktober
nodig om te recupereren. Ik zal gedurende die periode zo goed als niet online zijn.