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Title: Firma SpagoW
    I'd like to post to this mailing list... is it possible?

The message is:

Hi all,
I'm new in developing with Birt's API ..so I need your help for solve my

At the moment, I'm able to create image with URL source type (the url links
my application that integrates BirtEngine; ie.
so with any modifies to BirtImageServlet I can execute an external chart,
get its inputstream and view the result like an image. It runs correctly if
I export the document in HTML format BUT if I export the same document in
PDF format I have next error:

"Current report item is not supported in this report format."

I think because  the pdf format doesn't support 'URL' like source type. I'm

Someone can help me with some suggestions?
I need a general management for obtain external chart and it must be able to
export in any format (html, pdf, jpg as minimum).

Thanks in advance,

ps. I'm using Birt 2.5.0 and tomcat 5.5