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RE: [birt-report-engine-dev] Connections doesn't closes.[Using.rptlibrary]

Hi Tonismar,

I’ve not been able to reproduce this issue with combinations of data sources from library and report. To help us look into this further, can you open a Bugzilla with more information on how to reproduce this issue? If will be helpful if you can attach to Bugzilla a sample report that’s giving you the connection leak.






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I've been monitoring BIRT connections with PostgreSQL and sometimes it doesn't closes.
I read it's seems that when .rptlibrary and .rptdesign files have a datasource. Causing two connections with the database.
I take off the datasource from my .rptdesign file but, using only the datasource from the .rptlibrary, the problem still happen.
Any ideas about this?