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[birt-report-engine-dev] Run Birt Report Engine in EJB Container


I'm trying to get the report engine running with Websphere and EJB 3.0. The question is how I have to integrate the birt-runtime in my application? I've read everything I've found at the Birt-Site spending already the second day on this issue. "Slowly" I'm running out of creative ideas...so please don't stop reading this post...maybe someone could give me a helpfull hint ;-)

I succeded in generating reports by using the birt-runtime installed to the filesystem. Now I have to switch to full integration scenario, where I'm trying to access the runtime within the EJB Container. I tried to follow the integration example "Servlet Example". But I would like to do the same thing within the Service-Layer, where I don't have the posibility to reproduce the structure as shown in the Servlet Example.

Spoken in Code I've got to take the step from <config.setEngineHome("C:\\birt-runtime\\ReportEngine");> to <config.setEngineHome("");>

As mentioned previously I succeded in getting the first version to run. Applying the second one I receive the following error:

org.eclipse.birt.core.exception.BirtException: Cant startup the OSGI framework
at org.eclipse.birt.core.framework.Platform.startup(Platform.java:91)

Afterwards I tried to add the two osgi.jar(s) and the itext.jar to my lib-directory but the result was the same exception :-/

Thanks & Regards,