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Re: [birt-report-engine-dev] FW: Issues with Style Sheets

I am not sure but I had a problem where I defined the classes in the CSS file without the '.' (dot) and it wouldn't accept.
Only after putting the '.' in the classes names in the CSS file, it worked.

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 4:51 PM, John, Abhilash <Abhilash.John@xxxxxx> wrote:
Any updates ? Can some one please help?
I am completely clueless. I am having issues with the CSS. The css being
defined in a .rptdesign file is not being accepted by the BIRT Report
Though I have defined the styles, I am seeing an entirely different
version in the browser, and another version in the pdf print output.
Please advice.

Abhilash John

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From: John, Abhilash
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Subject: Issues with Style Sheets

Hi All,
I am using the version 2.3 of birt and report engine.
For some of the columns, I have defined borders which are one pixel
Though I am able to see the borders in the PDF Version, the same don't
appear in the HTML (browser) version of the report.
At the same time, I am able to see the background color , font etc in
both the Browser version AS WELL AS the PDF versions.

Please advice!
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