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[birt-report-engine-dev] Evaluating an expression in custom report item


I've built a custom report item and I'd like to evaluate an _expression_ when generating my content but I can't figure out how to if the report item isn't embedded in a data set.
If my item is embedded in a data set then I can use 'Object IRowSet.evaluate(String)' on the row set that's passed to my 'Object ïIReportItemPresentation.onRowSets(IRowSet[])' method, but can someone please help me figure out where I get a reference to an ExecutionContext to evaluate the _expression_ when not in a data set.


PS. I'm still using 2.2, but happy to bring forward the migration to 2.3 if there's something available there to help.

PPS. The main reason is so the designer can set properties on my item using report parameters, using something like "params['reportParameterName']" as the _expression_, but of course I'd like to support any _expression_.