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Re: [birt-report-engine-dev] Not able to load Report in PDF Format in Linux : 2nd post

vJ t wrote:
Hi following error occurred when i tried to run the report (using BIRT Web Viewer Example Webapp) through Linux server. The Web server used is Tomcat.
I try to load the test.rptdesign report in a pdf format. using the URL " http://SERVER:PORT/viewer/run?__report=test.rptdesign&__format=pdf <http://SERVER:PORT/viewer/run?__report=test.rptdesign&__format=pdf> ".
While the same URL works fine with Windows Server and a pdf report is generated. Linux server generates following error.
org.eclipse.birt.report.service.api.ReportServiceException: Error happened while running the report; nested exception is:

The first thing you have probably checked is if the class that is supposed to be missing according to the Error message is present on your Linux server. If it is, the second thing you should check if you have the same Java Virtual Machine on both systems. Java throws a NoClassDefFoundError for instance if the JVM is 1.3 whereas the code you try to run on the JVM was compiled with JDK 1.4. br, Bruno