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[birt-report-designer-dev] Hibernate, birt and Scripted DataSource.

Title: Hibernate, birt and Scripted DataSource.

I am planning to use a scripted data source, to talk to my Db via the Hibernate code.
How can I deploy a report that is using a 'Scripted DataSource'? I don’t see in the webviewer, the plugin for the viewer (org.eclipse.birt.report.viewer_2.3.0.v20080526 or something similar).

Am I missing something? Can you please also let me know where to place the supporting jars and classfiles?
Also, placing the class files and jars in the "eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.birt.report.viewer_2.3.0.v20080526\birt\WEB-INF" directory doesn’t help my design environment to recognise the classes. Can you please guide me? I am using birt-report-designer-all-in-one-2.3RC2.zip. I was successful in doing the same earlier, using Eclipse Europa.

I tried following http://download.eclipse.org/birt/downloads/examples/scripting/scripteddatasource/scripteddatasource.html but was not successful.

Please advice.
Abhilash John