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Re: [birt-report-designer-dev] how can set Page Break Interval in birt 21RC4

walkinglife17 wrote:
> i want upgrade my birt designer to 21RC4, but Page Break Interval  cannot
> be found.
> how can set Page Break Interval  in 21RC4.
> thanks!


Under BIRT 2.1.0 you can only use pageBreakAfter, pageBreakBefore,
pageBreakInside properties for page breaks and these properties can be used
for a limited number of components (eg table,table group etc.)

If you want to use page breaks between some number of records in a table you
must do some workaround on your dataset. You can add a computed column into
your dataset that specifies page number for each record. This can be done
with an expression like below for a page size of 10.
`row[0] / 10`

Then you can make a table group on the computed column and use
pageBreakAfter property.

I hope this helps. It was the only way i found.
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